Make Sure Your Wishes Are Carried Out

Work with an estate planning legal specialist in Oakland County

You've worked hard to build your estate, and you probably know how you want things to be divided after you pass, as well as how to preserve your estate for your benefit and the benefit of others in your family during your lifetime and beyond. And the best way to be certain that your wishes will be carried out is to hire an estate planning lawyer.

The attorneys affiliated with Hall & Associates have the in-depth knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals. Start the process of having the peace of mind about your future and the futures of those about whom you care. Call us today, at (248) 674-4844, for a free consultation.

Helping you with every document you need

You'll need a lot of documentation to create a comprehensive plan for your estate. When you work with our estate planning lawyer, we'll help you:

  • Draft a Will
  • Create Trusts, including Special Needs Trusts
  • Draft a Legal Power of Attorney
    for assistance with financial affairs
  • Draft a Medical Power of Attorney
    for assistance with your medical care preferances

Don't wait to start the estate planning process. Set up a free initial consultation with our wills and trusts attorney right away.