Fight for the Disability Benefits You Deserve

Connect with an injury claims attorney in Bloomfield Hills or Waterford, MI

Disability benefits are designed to help those with limited income and resources due to a disability. However, getting benefits isn't always easy. Thankfully, Terrence L. Hall, J.D., Attorney at Law, Hall & Associates can help.

Our injury claims attorney can help you apply for disability benefits and appeal a rejection, if necessary. We have connections with Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), giving us in-depth knowledge on what happens throughout the disability application process. Set up an appointment with our insurance claim lawyer in Bloomfield Hills or Waterford, MI today to file for disability.

What types of cases do we take on?

Our insurance claim lawyers can take on a wide variety of cases. We have experience:

  • Creating special needs trusts
  • Helping people file insurance claims and apply for Social Security disability
  • Working on a variety of injury claim cases, including ones involving traumatic brain injuries

Do you think you qualify for disability benefits? Discuss your situation with our injury claims attorney today.